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Advanced Reality Based Combat Training  (02-05.03.2021).


This event is going to be different to our previous courses as you won't only learn how to shot. You'll also be able to test how good your skills from the dojo are in a real combat situation!

It'll be tough, exhausting and very intensive - as we're going to get you tired, stressed and sore!


The course in numbers:

4 days,

12-14 hours a day,

6-7 hours of shooting each day (including shooting under stress),

100+ rounds (9mm, 7.62) a day per person,

6-7 hours of combat training (KAPAP),


Due to the course intensity we limit the number of spaces at this event to 12.


If you have some experience in Martial Arts - that's the event you want to attend! You'll test your skills, verify them and get some more! 

If you don't have any experience - but you have enough balls to gain it - that's an event you want to attend (you'll be guided through, so if you're brave enough - come over!) - we'll make sure - you won't be dissapointed!


Shooting part of the course will be based on Urban Tactical Pistol ( ) and will include Under Stress Reaction Training (we'll be adding some more stress to what we used to do in the past ;) ).

Unfortunately, names and experience information of the shooting instructors can't be provided (due to the nature of their daily jobs).


Combat Part (based on KAPAP Krav Maga - Israeli Reality Self-defence System) will be all up to Slav Maslowski - those who know him will know that it'll be most practical training you can get! Tho,  the learning process will be painful ( ).


Course will be based near Warsaw (Poland), full board and accomodation will be provided.

Advanced Reality Based Combat Training | BASED IN POLAND

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