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Tactical Pistol

During your stay at the GLOBAL SECURITY CENTRE you will be taught advanced tactical firing skills developed and used by elite operators worldwide. You will learn speed drills, angle perception, quick transitions between the pistol and carbine also positions along with strategic movements. Upon completion of this tactical based course you will have advanced skills with your weapons and the confidence to use them safely and competently under contact.  

Duration: 3 days

Course Price: 650Eur

*Price includes accommodation (twin bedrooms, with en-suit, TV, WIFI), full board (3 meals a day), instructors advices and support, ammunition and equipment, airport transfers (airports: Warszawa Modlin - Poland and Warszawa Okecie - Poland)

Course Topics: 

. Reloads (speed & tactical)
. Contact drills
. Shooting positions
. Shooting on the move
. Tactical use of cover
. Strong and weak hand shooting
. Transition drills
. Safety
. Fundamentals of shooting
. Characteristics and maintenance of the pistol
. Recoil management
. Marksmanship principles
. Advanced Tactics


. GLOCK 17
. GLOCK 19
. Walther P99

. CZ 75/100



 GLOBAL SECURITY CENTRE Firearms Course Certificate


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