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The course lays the foundation for all other courses. The training concept is based on three elements: safety, handling and hitting the target. To facilitate practical weapons handling, we rely on modern shooting techniques, the same used in most US American schools. Our focus is on the individual course participant. Depending on previous knowledge, each individual participant will be checked and taken to a higher level of shooting. During this course, we will focus on the four basic skills of shooting, especially proper trigger control, enabling a better and faster shooting.


Course content:

  • Safety rules and awareness

  • Disassembly, cleaning and inspection of main elements

  • Selection of appropriate handgun, belt and holsters for gun and magazines, proper positioning - 4 basic shooting skills

  • Grip of the gun, ready position, aiming, breathing, trigger work, loading and unloading the weapon, follow through and post-shooting scanning, drawing the gun

  • Aiming, shooting from ready position, drawing a weapon with and without a round in the chamber, malfunctions (tip up, double feed, stovepipe, empty magazine), tactical reload, one-handed basic manipulation)

  • Natural point of aim

  • Individual analysis of shooting and equipment advice

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