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Repetition of basics and advanced handling and shooting techniques with a focus on the tactical pistol use. Participants must have safe weapon handling skills and basic handling techniques. Requirements for the shooter increases. Course content builds on TP1. 

Short repetition of skills from TP 1 course (aiming, shooting from ready position, drawing a weapon with and without a round in the chamber, malfunctions (misfire, stow pipe, double feed, empty magazine), tactical reload, one-handed basic manipulation), followed by developing skills as trigger reset, multiple shots, one-handed advanced manipulation, shooting after changing position (kneeling, squatting, prone), shooting after turning, shooting on the move. We will also focus on malfunctions (and) faster target acquisition.


Course content:

  • Safety rules and awareness

  • Grip, stance, breathing, trigger control (repetition)

  • Malfunctions and reloads

  • Shooting from different positions

  • Developing speed and accuracy

  • Practice drills, e.g. ”Typewriter”, “Dot Torture“, “FBI“

  • Individual analysis of shooting and equipment advice

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