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Repetition of basic and advanced weapon handling and introduction of more advanced shooting techniques of the handgun focusing on the tactical use. Participants must have safe weapon handling skills and advanced handling technique. Course content builds on TP 2 (only advanced shooters). Draw with a changing position forward, backward and to the side, trigger reset, multiple shots, onehanded advanced manipulation, shooting after changing position (kneeling, squatting, prone), shooting after turning, shooting on the move, shooting from behind cover) followed by developing advanced skills as the shots fire on multiple targets, advanced one-handed shooting and handling (drawing, loading, malfunctions), shooting after physical exercise and under stress. The program is subject to change without prior notice. We will shoot standard exercises within narrow time limits, such as "Typewriter" or "3/3/3/3" or other exercises by Jeff Cooper, Gabe Suarez, Kyle Lamb, Pat McNamara, Paul Howe. Introduction to low-light/no-light . TP3 is challenging, even for the experienced shooter.


Course content:

  • Natural point of aim

  • First and precise first shot 

  • Standard drills 

  • Advanced Drills

  • Introduction to low-light / no-light

  • Shooting after physical exercise and under stress

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