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Repetition of advanced weapon handling and more advanced shooting techniques of the handgun with a focus on self-defense and short-distance shooting. Participants must have safe weapon handling skills and advanced handling technique. Course content builds on TP 3 (only advanced shooters). Short repetition of skills from TP 3 course followed by developing advanced skills as the concealed carry drawing, shooting on very short distance. Emphasis will be operating and shooting with only the weak side hand. Also, loading the gun and malfunction clearing are carried out with one hand (regular exercise with the weak side also improves the motoric function of the strong side).

Transition from primary to secondary weapon system (for this dummy rifles or carbines will be used).


Course content:

  • One-handed drawing

  • One-handed reloading and malfunction clearing

  • One-handed basic shooting

  • Drills, one-handed

  • Transition form primary to secondary weapon

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