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VIP Protection Course / South Africa (July 2017)

VIP Protection is a market filled with professionals, average individuals with too little training, and far too many weekend warriors.

GSC Centre / Milites Dei looks to provide training to those teams who recognize that VIP Protection is not simply an offshoot of location based security, or even from team based operations. VIP Protection is a dedicated, complex, and dynamic security discipline that has its own unique requirements. True protection professionals understand these requirements, and thrive in the dynamic environment of personnel based protection.

VIP Close Protection plays is a critical roll in the daily operation of government, corporate, military, and civilian organizations. As such, its impact on the ability of these organizations to perform their mandates cannot be left to chance. Global Security Centre not only recognizes this fact, it excels in being one of the leaders in training, assessing, and implementing VIP Protection for some of the world most prominent figures. Global Security Centre has been recognized as a leader in its VIP Protection skill, knowledge and professionalism.

Milites Dei Academy is an exclusive training facility in South Africa. Our facility offers learners a unique opportunity to attend courses designed and delivered by industry veterans, in a location that allows complete freedom of design and delivery, with everything under one roof.

Instructors: Ariel Kern, Jacek Witak, Thomas Frontczak

Course Duration: 5 days/ (8 hours/ day)

Location and Date: Milites Dei Academy; South Africa


Role and Responsibilities: This module focuses on the role and responsibility of the close protection operative. This includes security operations, communication with the client and overseeing all logistics related to the operation. Understand the potential conflicts between operational security and the client needs.

Protective Formations: A working knowledge of the protective formations and tactical responsibilities of each position on the protective detail such as walking formations and when working special situations. How to organize protective details.

Combat Training with a Firearm: Become familiarized with weapons and different styles of shooting that are suitable for this type of work. The shooting style involves "finger point" aim, swift engagement techniques, working in a security detail and safety aspects. With hands-on training, you will enhance your skills and accuracy through the use of different weapons.

Krav Maga/ Hand to Hand Combat/ Defensive Tactics and Restrain and Control: Overcome an opponent fast and effective, deal with multiple attackers and weapon attacks. Develop a proactive mind set with increased awareness.

Risk Assessment and Human Behaviour (Crime Signals and Suspicious Behaviour indicators) & Through the Eyes of the Enemy: Define the level of risk (threat, vulnerability, impact) to assess the level of security needed (security package) throughout an assignment. Understand different types of attacks.

Operational Planning, Departures and Arrivals, Briefing and Debriefing: Learn the tools and tactics necessary to plan ahead, pre-emptive security. This includes alternative routes, emergency situations, and familiarization with locations that the client may be visiting.

Introduction to Covert and Low-Profile Operations: How "less is more" in aspects of appearance. The covert and low-profile is more acceptable in today's business environment. You will be introduced to surveillance creative techniques that can support covert executive protection operations.

Tactical Field Exercise: Global Security Centre is world recognized expert in human behaviour, reality based scenario training and performance under pressure. You will be tasked in planning a complex Executive daily schedule. This exercise will take place in a setup that will force you to utilize your tools in order to provide a safe and secure framework for the client in multiple locations

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