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Train hard to be hard

If you're going to do any type of close protection training, make the training as real as possible. You do not need the principle to train with you all the time (unless of course the principle wants to train). There may be some drills that involve the principle being present, but not always.

Team training should involve live (real ammo) fire whenever possible. A loaded weapon will ensure that the team is not only paying attention to the drill but it is also developing muscle memory during a real event. Nothing keeps you sharper than knowing if you mess up while using live ammo someone can get hurt or killed.

I know how difficult it is to get a live fire range to train, so if you have one - utilise it as much as you can.

There is no better training than using live ammunition during a training event. If you can't find s live fire range use a good air-soft weapon. I suggest that the entire team practice with both: air-soft and paintballs.

There is no better training than force on force training.

The air-soft and paintball leaves a distinct mark on impact, they hurt like hell and will teach the recipients of the strike not to make the same mistake twice.

Force on force is very beneficial for identifying weak spots between the middle ring and inner ring security formation. Having a paintball gun markers spots with paint will teach everyone where are the holes in the protective formation.

The only way to be a great operator is to always train and train as real as possible, your life and your principle's life depends on a certain proficient tactical skill set that can only be obtained through training. The only way to acquire a tactical skill set is to train.


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