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It doesn't matter if you're S.W.A.T, Green Beret, Navy Seal or a High Speed Operator, facing a loaded weapon can be very scary situation. The more training that you have with weapons, the greater chances are of surviving any dangerous encounter against an armed attacker.

Forget the fancy gun sling crap that you see in most Hollywood movies, because it doesn't work and will only get you killed. The most important thing that I can pass onto you or anyone reading this article is to stay with the basics of handling a firearm and only use what works for you and your body type.

The most important thing that you can do during any encounter is to remain calm. If you're calm , you'll be able to access your past training and mentally dominate the encounter.

I have met a lot of shooting instructors with huge egos who will sit and brag about how good they are at shooting. I sit and take everything that they say with a grain of salt. Personally, I'm an average shooter who can hit my targets when the pressure is on and the job needs to get done. That's the secret to my success.

A person standing on a firing range, putting a riffle up to their chest, looking through an optic sight and sending bullets down range into a small group of paper targets is not a gunfighter. I'll say it again. Most people who range shoot are target shooters at best. Target shooting does not translate into being able to hit a target when it matters most. In a bad situation, you're breathing heavy and the body's natural epinephrine is running through your system. Your eyes will have dilated and you'll lose your hearing for a moment or two. If you ever been scared, then you know what will happen to your body at that time. Target shooting and shooting under stress are two different things and it is best that you train for both situations. These people who target shoot will fold like an old buck knife on a wooden log the moment that they have to perform under any type of pressure. Don't train to be a target shooter.

Train to be able to shoot and move, move and not shoot or shoot, move and shoot again while you are moving to your next available cover position.

What I'm trying to say is wake-up. I don't care if you shoot small groups on a paper target. I am only concerned with the fact you can hit a target on the move at night moving over rough terrain carrying a hundred pounds on your back while being cold and hungry. I know that many of you will not experience that level of extreme training but you must train to the highest level possible to be great at gun fighting. Train hard to be able to respond hard when it counts.

If you want to be a good shooter you must be willing to train and perform to that level. No matter what type of obstacle that you are up against it isn't going to matter, you'll hit your target, if you train with extreme solutions. Train the same way you intend on fighting. Stop, stop, stop (!) standing on a firing line wasting ammo showing everyone how good you are at paper target practice, it's a bullshit.

The best thing that you can do while training is to make the training safe, hard and realistic. I see people trick shoot against paper targets and I think to myself, 'this guy is delusional'. Other people look at the trick shot and marvel at the shooters speed snd finesse. I look at a trick shooter and think, accident waiting to happen.

I suggest that you find a good shooting course and start with that. There are a lot of reputable firearms instructors and they'll run you through the basics and help you develop the confidence that you need to carry a firearm.

There are a lot of former military guys that run some great firearms courses. Before you turn up and sign up for a course, make sure that you do your homework and look them up online. There are a lot of great firearms instructors from all walks of life, make sure you ask around and get one that is highly experienced at teaching.

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