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CP: Weapons

Intimately know the weapons that you are using to protect your life and the life of the Principle.

Have the ability to not only shoot the weapon but disassemble and clean the weapon in a moment's notice!

Train with your weapon on your off time so everything you do with your weapon becomes second nature.

It is important to always maintain your weapons in a peak operational state of readiness. The best weapon an individual operator can carry is one that works well for him or her. If you are operating on a team, the team may require the operator to carry the same weapon as the rest of the team.

Don't ever carry a weapon unless you know that weapon's operational capability completely!

Learn everything about the weapon you carry and how it operates in all types of situations. If someone asks you the maximum effective range of the weapon that you are carrying, you should be able to answer the question without hesitation.

Each hand should be proficient when using a firearm. All members of the team should be able to shoot with their right and left hand. I'm not saying you should qualify expert with each hand, I'm saying you should be able to hit a target with a high level of proficiency in order to do your job as a close protection operator.


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